100 days of small actions

Building habits and confidence steadily over time

100 days ago a friend posted about doing the 100 days challenge. I decided to give it a go. I would write a short stream of consciousness poem and draw a little doodle every single day. The poem would be fun. The drawing…a little more humbling.

I didn’t know 100 days ago that I would be taking a UX design course or living in San Francisco. Fittingly, the hundredth day is today, on Day #2 of my UX program — one that happens to require a lot of drawing and sketching.

Over the past 100 days I have not necessarily become a master of the fine arts. But I’ve become more comfortable taking a pen in hand and drawing what I see. Deeming it part of my daily meditation, it has been a reminder to me that many times in life you don’t know why you feel called to do something — and only the future will reveal a raison d’etre for a past decision.

It is also a reminder that I can stick to something, even if small. Doing one small thing for 100 days can add up to a collection and, what’s more, a budding confidence in self.


designing for connection, aliveness, the feeling of possibility - through intentional gatherings, meta projects, practice spaces and you?

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