Tonight I ordered a hamburger for a 91-year-old woman.

Based on the missed text messages I received from the delivery man who said he had waited five minutes and left, and based on talking to this 91-year-old woman on the phone confirming that she did not yet have the hamburger…

I hosted one event each month for the start of 2020 as part of a conversation series called: 2020 Visions: Conversations for Chaotic Times.

The owner of a space reached out to see if I wanted to host events in her space and I spoke with her for all of…

I am grateful to have the recent experience of connecting with two friends in a new way: through a bit of structure and permission to really explore a more taboo topic together.

I walked away from our “Three Women” conversation series with the firm belief that if you ask different…

Why aren’t more learning experiences designed for connection? Or should they?

As a lifelong learner and “I’ll try anything once” kind of person, I sign up to try my hand at a new skill every few months.

In the past year, I’ve taken pole dancing classes, sang weekly in a women’s song circle, and an Intro to Fiction writing class.


June 2012, I walked out of the Fillmore in San Francisco with a poster from The Head and the Heart. My sister and I had swayed and sang along to words and sounds that were gaining more and more traction in the world.

I’ve listened to The Head and the…

Designing the e-commerce site for San Francisco’s Oldest Toy Store

My challenge: Create an interactive prototype for a brick-and-mortar toy store’s first e-commerce site

Skills tested:

IA & Navigation Design

UI design

Designing considering business needs

Phase 1: Breaking down the brief

I was given:

‣ values and objectives of the store

‣ a list of “Musts”, “Shoulds”, and “Coulds” for the e-commerce site

‣ three user personas to inform…

Building habits and confidence steadily over time

100 days ago a friend posted about doing the 100 days challenge. I decided to give it a go. I would write a short stream of consciousness poem and draw a little doodle every single day. The poem would be fun. …

Can you say anything definitively when it comes to events?

“If you build it, they will come”

Or will they?

NWS opened up in September 2016. Six months into the project, attendance and bookings were starting to dip. The organic interest we’d seen in the first push of opening had cooled as NYC was getting through the winter.

Sandy and…

Melissa Wong

designing for connection, aliveness, the feeling of possibility - through intentional gatherings, meta projects, practice spaces and you?

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